plantsho2“PLANT SHOW”

The incredible secret world of plants revealed, in an action packed cinematic horror comedy series.

Bourne Identity meets Eraserhead meets Home & Garden Network

A Cinematic, Huge, Brooding, Creepy, Fucking Weird, Ridiculous, Amazing, Action-Packed, Incredibly Gross, Cryptic, Pornographic, Ultra-Violent, Mind Expanding, Earth Conscientious Widescreen HDTV Series from VideoMaster Davy Force!

“Plants talk…yes, they scream…” V. Chertkov, Pravda, 1970

Currently looking for creative production/distribution partners for the 2013 production of “Plant Show”

  • (11) 11 min. episodes
  • Not for children under 24
  • Scenes of vegetibilia sexuality and extreme violence

Never before have plants been filmed in scenes these extreme! –  It’ll Grow on You!