InfoChammel is a global family of HDTV networks consisting of (24) 24 Hour HDTV infotext and entertainment Chammels.

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  • (24) 24 Hour HDTV Chammels
  • Not all Chammels currently available in United States
  • 100% Free service once receiving equipment is in place
  • 25th Chammel is exclusive subscription only service

Launched by video pioneer Fred Furner in 1987, INFOCHAMMEL became the first high definition television service, albeit years before its time.  Most display systems were not capable of displaying the proprietary 2047×1047 44fps video format.  In 2012, video artist Davy Force purchased the flailing family of networks for 16.7 million and has breathed new life into the organization,  keeping Fred Furner on as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager.