The Man Who Melted Shaqs Face

Here’s a nice article in Vice about my still hitting viral smash “Gold Bond Liqui-Shaq” which I created for the 2 Wet Crew Live Comedy/Video Show in LA in late 2014, hosted by Doug Lussenhop, Mikey Kampman and Jay Weingarten. VICE ARTICLE HERE


May 1st, 2013 INFOCHAMMEL NETWORKS, Hollywood, CA USA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INFOCHAMMEL NETWORKS today begins a new FO-MO on-air promo package promoting the new line of full-motion HD video content for the coming year.  The package consists of 10 high definition spots, showcasing actual InfoChammel users from around the globe with beautiful and stunningly crisp […]


From the desk of Davy Force: Greetings infotainment customers- You’re Truly the Best! I’ve got great news to share with you! Today marks the launch of InfoChammel’s New Year promotional push, codenamed “Operation Chammeltoe” by InfoChammel’s Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Fred Furner. We got Fernie into our Hollywood shooting stage before the holidays and […]


I’ve done 4 of these animated DVD openers over the years for Mark Mothersbaugh and his Mutato Musika music studio.  They have all been a super blast to do we and have always used Mark’s family pets- pugs Finster and Phoebe.  This one ended up for some reason involving a pancake. This one was a […]

KEN BLOCK GYMKHANA – Two Artist Remix with Nick denBoer (2009)

My good pal master remixxer Nick denBoer (Smearballs) landed this sick official remixxing gig for DC Shoes: Ken Block’s GymKhana viral racing video remix. He was awesome enough to pull me into the mix and what happened is a freakaziddly augmented remix blowout of the original amazing video. We internationally (CA/USA) tag teamed chunks of […]

HypnoChicken2000 (HC2K) – HD re-format

Have noticed for years the current youtube version of HC2K was looking digi-ratty.  So I took the DV master and blew it up to HD with a clean 264 recompress.  Also now contains orig. stereo audiotest at heads.  WARNING: Here’s the orig. info on this vid: CAUTION: contains some materials that may not safe for […]

MVP NETWORK STARS – Theme Song (2005)

HD re-master of the (2005) TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies themesong video. Appears on the “TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies: Not for $ale” DVD on OtherCinema This one’s a bit wacky. With some great dancing by Videoape and Prospector.