Here’s my latest and greatest plus some of my classic favorite projects jammed into a 3:47 DJ mix.  DJ tracks were created on iPad using Korg iElectribe, and Novation Launchpad using Loopmasters royalty free samples. Videos are from a variety of commercial and artistic projects, showcasing my creating, directing, animating and designing of computer anti-mated […]


“THE CHICKENING” Goes to Sundance 2016!

This week, “The Chickening” will hit the streets of Park City for a Super Clucker of Chickeny proportions!   This broasted yuks bucket will play a total of 4 times at the prestigious fest, which will be attended by directors Davy and Nick as well as actors Tim Beresford and Brien Rullman.  The awesome poster was […]


12/28/15 Hickory Hills, Il INFOCHAMMEL MIDEAST   Infochammel announces a full worldwide release of this past summer’s “SUMMER SLAMMONIALS” promo where the network’s subscribers speak of their experiences when using the INFOCHAMMEL family of public television services.  Hosted by INFOCHAMMEL IDAHO’s own Chet Mableford.


12/21 Monrovia, CA Breakthrough alternate TV Network INFOCHAMMEL announced today it’s plan to run 2 national TV buys for SuperBowl 50 and has posted previews of the 2 promotional spots.  When addressing a concerned press pool on the non-conforming odd play lengths of the commericals, Mr. Furner replied “They’ll just have to play it as […]


“The Chickening” Premieres at Toronto Film Festival!

This week Nick and I’s chickeriffic “The Chickening” debuts along side the feature “Green Room” at the 2015 Midnight Madness program of the Toronto International Film Festival!  In addition to Nick and I, also in attendance were actor/producer Kenny Hotz, actors Cad Gold Jr. and Leanne O’Brien and Composer Nate Mills.  Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin […]


This is my new lawyer- please call him at 323-647-4473 NOW! (While it still works!!) and state your case to him! (If it rings but doesn’t answer- try again shortly, I may have set things up wrong temporarily…) UPDATE- DONALD DINKLERS PHONE HAS NOW BEEN SHUT OFF!

TV Sheriff goes VIRAL with “Gold Bond Liqui-Shaq”

I created this to try to make something funny for my pal Doug Lussenhop’s (DJ Dougg Pound) comedy/video show (2 Wet Crew) at the Satellite and after posting it, about a month later the redditors came and blew it up- today it just broke 900,000 hits – A record for TV Sheriff! Yaaaar-Hooo!

INFOCHAMMEL – Winter Promo Cavalcade

My day schedule was slammed this last winter however I was able to create an incredibly successful on-air campaign for InfoChammel and it’s world affiliates by employing the help of, where people will do work for you for $5, like be an on-air spokesperson, wearing a cigarette costume.

A Real Maverick

The 2016 election is just now heating up. I thought I was done with presidential politics, but now I’m sure I’ve found my mane, he’s a dark horse candidate.

Disney Jr. – “Miles From Tomorrowland” – Promotional Shorts

Working at Force!Extreme for Wild Canary Productions, I created each short’s center “flash-style” segments for 10 promotional short films for this Disney Jr. series in 2 months using 2D promotional stills and some 3D models I got from the show. Thanks to whole crew at Wild Canary including Paul Demeyer (Director) Sascha Paladino (Creator) Liz […]


In 2014 did a long stretch gig at Experiential production house Mousetrappe in Burbank, doing compositing and vfx on a Disney extravaganza projection mapped castle video show at Tokyo Disneyland called “Once Upon a Time”. It’s something they’ll play nightly for a long time (years?)and was a real experience. Best part was working in Tokyo […]

Stinkfinger – Little Conductor

Here is a collaboration I did from around 2006-7 with my talented pal Greg Grabianski, who wrote and co-directed this piece. It stars Kari Keillor, and I did VO, co-directed and edited/animated. Thanks to Tyler Keillor for figurine painting. From the “Stinkfinger” show pitch. Little Conductor product is no longer available. If you had purchased […]