INFOCHAMMEL 4th Anniversary Re-Launch Success


As CEO for experimental worldwide HDTV Television Network, INFOCHAMMEL, I’m proud to announce the success of our 4th (of 11,000) anniversary  InfoChammel launch on the ROKU television platform, as well as a 2.47 Hour InfoPowerBlock on the Amazon Prime Video Network.  Both launches have led to an explosion of excitement about the next great internet, INFOCHAMMEL.  In the month of June alone, we streamed over 200,000 minutes on Amazon, got 3,300 TV subscribers on Roku, Over 230,000 plays on Vimeo, and received over 40 4-5 star reviews.  We are also on the verge of launching on over 200 cable and over-the-air television systems in North America with our partnership with Sirk TV.  We are also on The Verge because of a great front page article in The Verge!

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