Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    Here’s my latest and greatest plus some of my classic favorite projects jammed into a 3:47 DJ mix.  DJ tracks were created on iPad using Korg iElectribe, and Novation Launchpad using Loopmasters royalty free samples. Videos are from a variety of commercial and artistic projects, showcasing my creating, directing, animating and designing of computer anti-mated […]


Jul / 13

INFOCHAMMEL 4th Anniversary Re-Launch Success

As CEO for experimental worldwide HDTV Television Network, INFOCHAMMEL, I’m proud to announce the success of our 4th (of 11,000) anniversary  InfoChammel launch on the ROKU television platform, as well as a 2.47 Hour InfoPowerBlock on the Amazon Prime Video Network.  Both launches have led to an explosion of excitement about the next great internet, […]

Apr / 13

“CHI-TOWN TECH: BUY BYE BABYE” Premieres at CIMM Fest in Chicago!

April 15, 2016 “CHI-TOWN TECH: BUY BYE BABYE”, a little short I did this year premiered this week at the 2016 Chicago International Movies and Music Festival.  The piece was a test of a new animation tool from Adobe Creative Cloud called Adobe Character Animator.  This unique new animation tool can animate cartoon-like characters in […]


Jan / 20

“THE CHICKENING” Goes to Sundance 2016!

This week, “The Chickening” will hit the streets of Park City for a Super Clucker of Chickeny proportions!   This broasted yuks bucket will play a total of 4 times at the prestigious fest, which will be attended by directors Davy and Nick as well as actors Tim Beresford and Brien Rullman.  The awesome poster was […]

Jul / 13

The Man Who Melted Shaqs Face

Here’s a nice article in Vice about my still hitting viral smash “Gold Bond Liqui-Shaq” which I created for the 2 Wet Crew Live Comedy/Video Show in LA in late 2014, hosted by Doug Lussenhop, Mikey Kampman and Jay Weingarten. VICE ARTICLE HERE